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Batman is a registered Trademark DC comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. This story is just a humble tribute to the greatest character ever. “Project B” is a non-profit comic for private use only, and is not intended for sale of any sort. Come on guys, we love you, let me tell you my story.

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The Project


The whole idea behind “Project B” started in the middle of a conversation about Batman movies. The latest part of Nolan’s Batman trilogy had just been released in theaters. My friends and I then wondered: “what can be done after that?” At that time, everyone had an opinion on what the next iteration of the “Big Bat” should look like on the silver screen.

Despite all of us thinking that most Batman movies were pretty cool, that still wasn’t quite exactly the Batman I figured I’d like to see. My friends kept asking me what I thought it should be, then. An idea was taking shape.

Since I had already written a few independent comic books and was passionate about the character, I decided to give it a shot and make my own version of an imaginary movie. I wrote an eight-chapter story in a month and a half back in 2012, having my wife as my main reviewer and exclusive critic – she would read a chapter weekly and then one day told me that was one of the best things she had ever read. Yeah, I don’t know about that (lol), but that was enough to make me excited to keep going.


The thing is, after I finished the pencil work for the first chapter and slowly, painstakingly, I started inking it the following year, a wave of discouragement slowed me down. “When I finish this chapter, what am I going to do? This has taken me so much time I could be spending with my family and friends...” There was still way too much to do. And of course I needed to work for a living. I was then trying to find my way as a pro in the comics industry – a lot of time was spent on drawing sample pages for editors, agents, talent scouts and so on. I couldn’t find many opportunities to give this project the attention it deserved, and then again everything came to a halt when I realized that I would still have to color it all. So I finally decided to only turn to it whenever possible. 


About two years went by, and I was already doing some work for American companies. However, I could not get that personal project out of my head. I had already decided it was too big for me to do all alone. About 80% of the inking on the first chapter was already completed, but the project as a whole was on hold.

And that was the state of affairs when one day a guy named Jimmy G, from the United
Kingdom, asked me on Instagram if he could color (colour?) four sample pages I had
penciled and posted online, with Captain America facing Daredevil. I thought, “well, why not?” At the very least, it would be fun to see my art with colors done by someone so enthusiastic about it. Worst case scenario, he wouldn’t be able to complete the task. To my surprise, Jimmy handed me back those four pages in only three days – and they
looked cool, much better than I expected! Also, he did it so fast I couldn’t believe it.
Without giving it much thought, I told him about my Batman project and asked him if he would be willing to do the colors for that as well. He said yes. 


I have to admit, I didn’t think he would stay put on my corner at first.
My inked chapter 1 was over 50 pages long, and no money was ever involved. For some reason, no idea why, Jimmy came aboard into my dream to tell this story – and his great coloring soon brought me back that bold spirit that once seemed lost.
I remember that, at that moment, a line from a song occurred to me, written by my
country’s biggest rock star: “A dream that you dream alone is only a dream that you dream alone. But a dream that you dream together is reality”. And today we are here building together, and this project is full steam under way. 

We invite you to dream along and turn this into a new reality. Be a part of our dream – I can only promise we’ll have fun!

We invite you to dream along and turn this into a new reality. Be a part of our dream – I can Oliver Borges - 2020

The Project
Comic Book Fan Fiction

Comic Book Fanfic

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